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    It all started as traditional gym motivation. Known for saying the phrase “Hard Wurk Aint Eazy” multiple times in the gym before starting an exercise, CEO Plato Smith III began a culture in his neighborhood gym. Plato’s gym mates begin saying the phrase when attempting a new workout, or to push through a challenging exercise. This phrase prompted the idea of designing a t-shirt line with the popular phrase, which later grew into a startup athletic and life-style brand.


    Hard Wurk Apparel transition into something bigger than working out in the gym. It became motivation at school, work, and in life. In any industry, hobby, or process there is no way around it, you have to wurk hard and apply yourself to succeed; our brand was created to motivate you on the path to success.


    Adorned on all Hard Wurk apparel is the universal symbol of wurking hard…. a man/woman swinging a slug hammer into a pile of rocks, which is a metaphor. We wanted our brand to be relatable not just through the name, but the logo as well. Our logo has now become the universal symbol of success and inspiration.


    Through this brand, we want to make Hard Wurk cool again. We are living in the microwave age, where everyone wants things to happen right now. With a mind frame like that, you will miss out on the beauty of building the proper foundation for a successful brand or career. We want to remind people that wurking hard is a badge of honor. To watch your vision, unfold as you climb your way to the top is the ultimate reward. Hard Wurk Apparel is here to motivate and inspire you.


    Hard Wurk Apparel is brand with purpose. We do not follow trends, but we create waves. Wearing our brand signifies strength, determination, and perseverance. With this logo on your chest, the world will know you did not come to play, but to succeed. Remember, Hard Wurk Aint Eazy!